Modern heat pumps continue to gain popularity as an energy efficient and effective source of temperature control.  Combining heating and cooling capability into one convenient system, heat pumps keep you comfortable all year round.  The equipment transfers heat from one location to another, rather than burning fossil fuel to generate heat, so there’s no risk of fumes, flames, or combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide.  The process is clean, quiet, and keeps operational costs to a minimum.  And through variable-speed technology, these innovative systems now adapt capacity to suit demand.  In other words, your heat pump will only supply the exact amount of heating/cooling you need, adjusting its speed to maintain more even temperatures and optimize efficiency.  Contact L & L Heating & Air Conditioning for further information and a full range of heat pump services in the Denver Metro area.

Professional Heat Pump Repairs, Maintenance & Installations

L & L Heating & Air Conditioning provides new installation, retrofit, seasonal maintenance, and prompt repair throughout Parker, Aurora, Centennial, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch & Castle Rock, CO.  With 39 years of experience, we are proficient in heat pump technology and qualified to handle complex design and implementation.  By customizing our recommendations to the exact demand of your space, we ensure superior reliability, efficiency, comfort, and system longevity.  All jobs are completed swiftly, with attention to detail, and conscientious cleanup.  Contact us at (720) 851-1691 for expert heat pump services, including 24/7 Emergency Repair.  You Will Be Comfortable With Us!